Display parameter values in a report based on a parameter query

Question: In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, how do I display parameter values in a report based on a parameter query?
Answer: To display a parameter value in a report, you will need to redesign your parameter query to return the parameter as a field in the result set.
We've created an Access sample that you can download.

Download Access 2000 version
Let's take a look at this example.
We've created a query called qryCategories. This query will return all fields from the Categories table as well as a parameter called ParmValue (This parameter will be used to filter the data in the CategoryName field).

When you run the query directly or through the report, the following message will appear. You will need to enter the parameter value.

Then you can place the parameter anywhere on the report. In this example, we've placed the parameter value at the top of the page.

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